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EPISODE 36: 2020 Vision –Setting Clear Goals for the Coming Year

And we’re back! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and are ready to hit the ground running in 2020. New years mean new changes, and we have a few of our own to announce. Don’t worry — we think you’ll like them.

In this episode, we’re discussing setting clear goals for yourself as a writer for the coming year. Achieving goals is hard, but we’re here to help you learn:

  • The difference between a goal and an aspiration
  • How the foundation for setting goals lies in the past, not the future
  • SMART goals and the missing letter that’s the key to achieving your writing goals in 2020

We’ll have our regular segments — Method to the Madness, Ask the Muse, and Feed The Fire — as well as announcing some of the things you can look forward to from M&M in the upcoming year.

Music: White Crow by XTaKeRuX is used under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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