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dEpisode 45: It’s Alive!

Hello and welcome back! Yes, we’ve created another show for you and yes, it’s fantastic! You already knew I was going to say that, though, didn’t you?

This week we start up our series on characters as we go through the life cycle of writing a book. You know what characters are? Those poor unfortunate beings that we put in our books to do “stuff” to. You can’t really have a  story without characters and you can’t have a great story without great characters. Readers want interesting people/animals/things to read about or else they’ll just give up on your story. This week, we discuss ways that we create these compelling parts of your writing and tips to help you do the same. We go over if you should start with characters or plot first, where to get ideas to flesh-out your characters, and what to do when those creations don’t necessarily behave the way you expect them to.   After all, these characters are your “children” and we all know how well they listen!

As you might have surmised, we’ll still have our regular segments: Old Time Accountability Hour, Ask the Muse, Method to the Madness, and Feed The Fire, so sit back with a group of characters to discuss creating characters!

 Music: White Crow by XTaKeRuX is used under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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