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Hello to you, our brave and loyal listeners and to those who are just learning to appreciate the joy that is ” Method and Muse”. This week, we continue our focus on plot and how it affects your story by delving into pacing and timing.

There is a big difference between pacing and timing. If you want to hear an excellent way of how they relate to each other, you’ll have to listen to hear our beloved Mel render her thoughts on the matter. Sorry, no spoilers here! We discuss how the pacing and timing in your tale can directly affect your readers’ enjoyment. We also talk about  the ways the readers’ expectations on these matters have changed over time and what you can do as a writer to help meet them.

We were feeling a little frisky this week and decided to change some things around here. The Old Time Accountability Hour and Feed The Fire segments were no longer bringing us the heady rush they once did, so we decided to remove them from the podcast. Is this a permanent decision? Who knows? If you’d like to have them back, or have any suggestions for their replacement, feel free to contact us and let us know your thoughts. Until then, stay safe out there!

 Music: White Crow by XTaKeRuX is used under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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