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Hello everyone. We hope that this entry finds you and yours doing well. This week, we discuss a veritable cornucopia of methods and techniques to help you move the plot of your book along. There are all sorts of goodies that you can mix and match to produce a great product and we’re going to go over quite a few of them. You’ve probably heard of some of these: Flashbacks. Dream Sequences. Cliff Hangers.

But just as it is with libations, moderation is the key to a good time. You also have to be careful with how you mix things. You wouldn’t want to add too many “flashback martinis” with a couple of “unreliable narrator whiskey sours”. We all know what that could lead to, and it isn’t pretty. We don’t want you to wake up the next day with a killer headache swearing that you’re never going to write again. We’ll talk about some of the hazards of relying too heavily on these tools and how you can use them to your advantage.

So sit back, relax, tune-in, and enjoy the buzz of imbibing another episode of Method and Muse.




 Music: White Crow by XTaKeRuX is used under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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