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Hello again, friends. Thank you for joining us once more.This week, as we explore the post-production phase of your writing, we talk about editing and revisions. This is the process of preparing your material by correcting, condensing, and modifying. For some folks, this is the worst part of writing a book. If you’ve been with us for while, you’ll know that Paul would rather spend a week in a secluded cabin with a bunch of homophobic faith-healers than edit. Just kidding…it’s only a weekend. Some of us rather enjoy editing. At any rate, it’s a necessary step that has to be done.

As always, we strive to educate as well as entertain, so we’ll be discussing the main types of literary editing and what they’re all about. We’ll toss out a couple of definitions you might need to know and talk about whether you should edit your own work or have someone else do it for you. If you want to do it yourself, we’ll give you the names of some useful tools. See, education and entertainment. We’re just like PBS, but with a lot fewer puppets and a lot more cussing!

Once again, thanks for tuning in!




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