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Method and Muse

Welcome to Method and Muse, a podcast for writers in process.  Join us for a clever and commiserating twist on topics related to writing from the POVs of our four writers in dogged pursuit of The Dream!  

Join Paul Cagle, Becky and Lance Bumgardner and Melody Wingfield as they share tips, tricks and tales from the road to help you find your method and follow your muse.  

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58 The Cutting Room Floor

58 The Cutting Room Floor

Hello again, friends. Thank you for joining us once more.This week, as we explore the post-production phase of your writing, we talk about editing and revisions. This is the process of preparing your material by correcting, condensing, and modifying. For some folks,...

57 That’s A Wrap!

57 That’s A Wrap!

Well, here we go again and thanks for joining us for another week. On this episode we're talking about what to do immediately after finishing your book. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Writing a book is a momentous task and you deserve a moment to bask in the glory of...

56 Shaken or Stirred? The Mixology of Plot

56 Shaken or Stirred? The Mixology of Plot

Hello everyone. We hope that this entry finds you and yours doing well. This week, we discuss a veritable cornucopia of methods and techniques to help you move the plot of your book along. There are all sorts of goodies that you can mix and match to produce a great...

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