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Method and Muse

Welcome to Method and Muse, a podcast for writers in process.  Join us for a clever and commiserating twist on topics related to writing from the POVs of our four writers in dogged pursuit of The Dream!  

Join Paul Cagle, Becky and Lance Bumgardner and Melody Wingfield as they share tips, tricks and tales from the road to help you find your method and follow your muse.  

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66 I’ll Do It My Way, Again!

66 I’ll Do It My Way, Again!

Hello everybody and welcome to this week's installment of Method and Muse. Here we go again with the second part to our discussion on self-publishing. Last week, we talked about the "why's" of going this route. This week, we're going over the "how's" of it. There's...

64 Maker’s Mark

64 Maker’s Mark

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us this week on Method and Muse! In this episode, we discuss making your personal "brand" as an author. This has been a buzzword for awhile now, but it makes sense. After you've finished your masterpiece (or "first" masterpiece),...

63 Look At Me! Look At Me!

63 Look At Me! Look At Me!

Hey everybody! Welcome back for another round. This week we're discussing promoting your book and have we got a lively conversation for you! This can be a very exciting time or an awful time, depending on how comfortable you are with people. This is the time for you...

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